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In Cheyenne’s more than 150-year history, it has seen outlaws, trains, and madmen. And that’s just the beginning of things!

Visitors to Cheyenne who love both history and ghost stories will be in luck, as the capital city has hauntings all across the area. 

If you are looking to ghost hunt in Cheyenne, here are some of the best places to do so: 

  1. St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

The ghost of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is basically a Cheyenne legend. The story has been around for years, but the way the tale goes is that two Swedish stonemasons were hired to build the church tower in the late 1800s, as the men had the masonry skills required to build the church. 

It should be noted that while these men were talented and hard-working, they did not speak English much, if at all. They were also in America illegally, according to Cowboy State Daily

While working inside the church’s tower one day, one of the men lost his footing and fell into the basement of the church. He died instantly. 

His friend panicked and buried the dead stonemason inside the tower wall. The next day, he left town and headed for South America. 

In the century since, there have been reports of strange sounds, people’s voices, and an organ playing by itself. 

  1. Atlas Theatre

It might not just be the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players’ actors you’re hearing in the halls of the Atlas Theatre in downtown Cheyenne, it could be spirits wandering the building. 

There are many legends about incidents that have occurred at the building, from a woman and child who died of exposure while in the building during a blizzard or a “woman in white” who allegedly floats through the building at night. One girl even reported having her hair pulled by an unseen force inside the theater. It’s fairly common to see strange orbs in photos taken inside the building, too. 

Few of the urban legends of the theater have been confirmed, but it’s still worth checking out if you want to have a ghostly encounter. 

  1. Wyoming Supreme Court

Surprisingly, the Wyoming Supreme Court is not haunted by ghosts of clients who have passed through its doors, but by a retired judge instead. 

According to legend, late Justice Fred Blume was appointed to the Wyoming Supreme Court in 1922, 15 years before the current building was even constructed. He retired nearly 40 years later, but after his death in 1971, courthouse employees began reporting odd sights and sounds. 

For example, unexplained footsteps have been heard, the light in Blume’s former office will somehow be turned on again in the night and books have been pulled from shelves and dropped to the floor. People working in the building late at night have also reported smelling cigar smoke coming from Blume’s office, and the late judge was known to be a cigar lover.  

  1. F.E. Warren Air Force Base

F.E. Warren Air Force Base is the oldest military installation in the U.S. Air Force that has been continually active, serving as a base from the days of the Spanish-American War, all the way to the present. 

While visitors won’t be able to explore the entirety of the base, there are still opportunities to search for ghosts. People on the base have reported seeing specters of late U.S. Cavalry soldiers walking the grounds and standing inside of some of the buildings. Rumor has it that one of the soldiers likes to cause trouble for the women working on security teams. 

Additionally, the ghost of a nurse has been spotted inside the buildings where women on the base were allowed to live.