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Established · 1952 ·





Little America Hotel & Resort Cheyenne in southeastern Wyoming is the largest convention hotel in the state, creating the perfect blend of meetings with a scenic backdrop. Cheyenne is laced with 10-foot-wide detached concrete pedestrian paths known as “Greenways,” which allows people to maneuver safely around the area. Outdoor attractions include the Terry Bison Ranch, where guests can get up and personal with the lumbering beasts amid the wild backdrop at the Wyoming/Colorado border.

The hotel is situated on 80 acres on the iconic Wyoming prairie. “I think just being surrounded by nature and being in close proximity to a lot of state parks,” Goldman says, noting that the hotel is a distance from Wyoming’s top-billed state parks, such as Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons, resulting in a lower volume of traffic but is still surrounded by greenery.

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