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Established · 1952 ·





The Little America Hotel & Resort gift shop has pretty much anything a guest could ask for: drinks, food, medicine, and even phone chargers. 

But since the gift shop is also a boutique, guests or even Cheyenne locals can visit and find gift ideas for everyone in their family. 

Here are some ideas for gifts you could purchase for every member of your family in the gift shop: 


Fishing lures: If you’ve got a dad who likes to fish, the gift shop has a number of fishing lures, including University of Wyoming-branded ones, available. Having a good lure is key to bringing in the best (and biggest) fish, so having a lure with the bucking UW cowboy will bring them in! 

Resort membership: You can never go wrong with a Little America resort membership. With this pass, a member can get unlimited golf, cart rental, and driving range access as well as access to our pool for the entire season. Additionally, guests can receive a 15-cent discount on their fuel at the travel center, a 20% discount at the golf pro shop, the Little America gift shop, and Hathaway’s restaurant, and exclusive loyalty room rates at Little America Hotel & Resort. If you’re looking to give Dad an experience he can enjoy all next year, the resort membership is what you’re looking for. 

Snowy Elk Coffee: Great for Mom, Dad, or any coffee lover, these locally-made roasts will perk up any morning. According to the Snowy Elk website, it is the company’s priority to choose specialty-grade, high-quality coffee beans from responsible farmers from around the world. The coffee is then blended and roasted in Cheyenne. 


Clothing: If Mom needs some new clothes, she doesn’t have to look hard or far at the gift shop. We have plenty of new styles of tops, sweaters, pants, jackets, and more. New styles come through the shop regularly. All of the pieces are high-quality and will be a part of a stylish ensemble. 

Art: If your mom is the type of person who loves beautiful art, the Little America gift shop has her covered. We have various types of art, from collages to paintings. 

Jewelry: If your mom or mother figure loves jewelry, Little America has necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more in various types to choose from. Whether she wants to go more Western-themed and get some turquoise pieces or she likes the always stylish silver, Mom will have a gift that will last for years when you buy a piece of jewelry from the gift shop. 

Boys and Girls: 

Fun knows no gender in this gift shop! We have toys and games for kids of all ages, ranging from various 3D puzzles (including unicorns and dinosaurs), a magic kit, polished gems and stones, and small squishy toys for those days when you just need to get some stress out after school.