National Parks

Southeastern Wyoming is a year-round outdoor playground, and Little America is close to many of the area’s National Parks.

Rocky Mountain National Park showcases the amazing diversity of landscape and life found within the Rocky Mountain Range. There are 359 miles of trails for use ranging from hiking to backpacking to horseback riding; fishing opportunities; plenty of wildlife to watch for; and cross-country skiing or snowshoeing during the winter.

At the Fort Laramie National Historic Site, learn about the fort’s transformation from its early days as a fur trading post to a major military post. Many consider Fort Laramie to be a major force in shaping the West as we know it today.

Slightly more distant, Chimney Rock National Historic Site features museum exhibits explaining the westward migration of the nineteenth century and the significant role Chimney Rock had in the memories of those who traveled the trails west. Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, also within 150 miles of the hotel, reveals bones preserved in one of the most complete Miocene mammal sites in the world.